Rich Internet Applications

Companies today are searching for ways of creating a personalized, multimedia-rich application that dramatically enhances the user's experience.  The application must captivate the user, while at the same time be more functional than previous web based solutions.

Any time you deal with your customer you want the experience to be superior, and each interaction should maintain and grow the relationship.  Rich Internet Applications (RIA) provides an experience that is much more rewarding and productive than a traditional web-based solution.

For your staff, the application needs to be designed to captivate the user, while at the same time enhancing productivity through the client interface.  Business rules can be programmed and delivered to the desktop for far better performance than a web page solution.  The application will have the responsiveness and interactivity of a desktop application with the broad reach and ease of distribution of a web application.  Rich Internet Applications drive increased return on investment by simplifying and improving the user interaction with the application.

The Beauty of the Interface

  • Creates an interface that engages the staff and also increases productivity
  • Gives you the ability to engage the customer with a look and feel that reflects the high level of service they would receive in person with a representative of your business.
  • Gives you a highly dynamic, flexible, and interactive environment between your customers and your business.

With Adobe Flex ® your customer is no longer just connecting to your business' web site to view simple information or make requests. Flex becomes your business' representative; your customers are connected directly to your business. They experience the same type of real-time interaction between your products and services, just as they would receive via a representative in person.

Connecting your data together

  • Secure interaction of information and services between your customers and your business
  • Enabling real-time communication with large amounts of data
  • No need to transfer data via Serialization allowing for faster exchange of dynamic information
  • Ties into your businesses existing infrastructure be it Web Services, J2EE, or .Net

Charting the results

  • Enables you to display information to users and customers with a state of the art Chart and Graphing Interface.
  • Enables the generation of Real-Time graph and chart components to users and customers anywhere in the world.
  • Robust rendering enables even the most complex charts and graphs to be rendered quickly and elegantly.

For your organization and for your customers Flex Charting is the polish your data deserves.