Adobe Flex Development

Companies today are searching for ways of creating a personalized, multimedia-rich application that dramatically enhances the user's experience.  The application must captivate the user, while at the same time be more functional than previous web based solutions.

Why Adobe Flex ® ?

Flash has become the de facto platform for rich web experience.  The Flash player is installed on more than 98% of computers in the World today.  It has proven itself as safe and reliable so it is trusted by IT departments within corporations.  Flex was developed by Adobe as a tool to enable programmers to develop complex applications based on modern object oriented XML and ECMAScript programming models.  This allows developers familiar with Java to quickly learn the art of building best of breed web applications using Adobe Flex.

Advantages of Flex:

  • High performance, cross platform runtime business applications
  • Native support for text, graphics,animation, audio and video
  • Enterprise data integration
  • Strong security

Using Flex to Deliver the Rich Client Experience

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) provide an experience that is much more rewarding and productive than traditional web-based solutions.  These applications have the responsiveness and interactivity of a desktop application with the broad reach and ease of distribution of a web application.  Rich Internet Applications drive increased return on investment by simplifying and improving the user interaction with the application. Business rules can be programmed and delivered to the desktop for far better performance than a web page solution.

Flex applications take advantage of data streaming and rich media integration to provide an interface that is far more usable than a standard web browser interface.  Flex supports platforms such as the Oracle ® Application Server Portal and open standards such as JSR 168 and WSRP.  This means that an application developed using Flex is scalable, portable and secure.

The Flex Community Advantage

Flex applications are built within a framework that allows the exchange of components or objects within the growing community of Flex developers.  This means that tools required within a project may already exist in the community.  That tool can be easily incorporated into a project saving development time and decreasing risk due to the reuse of tested code.

Nexix's Framework

Nexix has developed a framework that works with Adobe Flex to rapidly read a database and create applications in a fraction of the time normally required.  Our framework encapsulates best practices and generates massive amounts of code for a developer, allowing them to focus on customization of the interface for the user.

Connecting your data together

Flex allows for secure interaction with your data in real time without the need for entire page refreshes.  Data push technology is built into the Flex framework resulting in a more intuitive experience for the user.  Since data can move asynchronously in the background while the user continues to work on the application, it has a more responsive feel than a traditional web based application.