Java Development

Our developers are experts at developing within the Java environment.  In our web applications we use Java as the development platform for server side business logic due to its tight integration with Adobe Flex on the client side and industry leading connectivity with various databases.  

Some of the advantages of Java:

  • Java is simple to use
    Java was designed to be simple to design and use when compared to C++, its biggest advantage is memory allocation and garbage collection.
  • Tight Integration with Adobe Flex
    Flex was designed to work seamlessly with Java, enabling programmers to use the power of Java on the server, while providing a rich interactive client experience through Flex on the front end.
  • Object Oriented Language
    Allows for modular programs and reusable code.  Nexix has developed a repository of tested code that can be used on new projects to rapidly develop solutions.
  • Platform Independent
    Java is interpreted which allows the program to run on any machine that has the Java Virtual Machine installed.  This allows a program to be created that is platform independent and one that will execute the same way on different machines.
  • Security Features
    Java was designed with security built in from the beginning.  Since security is part of the system, it enables developers to build secure applications quickly and with greater reliability.
  • Multi-threaded
    Java has incorporated multi-threading into the language and platform.  Since the Java application runs in the virtual machine, much of the complexity of multithreading applications for various platforms is simplified.
  • Our long history and experience with the Java language
    Nexix has a long history of using Java to produce robust enterprise solutions.  Our internal repository of tried and tested code allows us to produce reliable solutions rapidly.