Asterisk Business Phone System

The problem with most business phone systems is their inability to grow with your business.  Phone companies have a history of selling you a phone system that is right for you today, but as you grow your only option is to replace the PBX with a larger system, and to pay them again.  This is great for the phone company, but bad for your company.

Systems that Grow with Your Company

Nexix deploys an Asterisk Phone System which is an extremely expandable computer based solution.  As your company grows and new features are required no additional hardware is required except for new phones themselves.  With the Asterisk phone system you will receive functionality usually found only in very large expensive systems.

Solution Highlights:

  • Save Money: 40 - 60% of the cost of a comparable system and options to save more money with VoIP
  • Work Anywhere: Options for remote offices, home offices, cell phone integration, voice mail forwarded to your email
  • Full Features: Auto-attendant, conference bridges, queuing capabilities
  • Scalable: Our system will grow with your business in a very cost efficient manner.  Link your branch offices together by dialing extensions.

Integration with Your Business Software

Integration with your business software may not be important to you today, but it may be in the future.  Most proprietary phone systems are difficult, if not impossible, to integrate with your business software.  Since Asterisk is a software based solution our Asterisk certified programmers can integrate your phone system into your existing business application.  

Big Business Functionality on a Small Business Budget

Asterisk is an open source solution so your costs are limited to the hardware required to run the system and the cost of installation.  An Asterisk phone solution installed and configured by Nexix is clearly the right choice for your company today and in the future.