System Features

The phone system is one of the most important pieces of equipment in most organizations.  It connects your company to the World and without it your company would stop working.  That is why finding a telephone system that is rich in features is so important.  

Nexix has Asterisk Certified programmers that can professionally install the phone system, and if required can integrate the solution to other software solutions within your company.

Basic Features

  • Voice Mail -  allow for messages to be stored on the server and retrieved by staff.  Voice mail can be configured to be emailed to the staff member as an added benefit.
  • Call Hold - ability to place the caller on hold while the staff member attends to other matters
  • Call Forwarding - Multiple methods of forwarding a call to another staff member are built into the system
  • Speed Dial - ability to push a button and dial frequently used numbers
  • Redial - redial last number with a push of a button
  • Music on Hold - callers will hear music or a prerecorded message while on hold

Advanced Features

  • Auto Attendant -  Takes the place of a receptionist.  The caller is presented with a menu of options, or can call an extension directly
  • Conference Calling - Two or more people can connect together through the phone system.  No need to pay an external agency to provide you a service that is built into your system.  The number of simultaneous callers is limited by the number of phone lines connected to your system.
  • Automated Directory - your callers can look up employees by entering the first few letters of their name
  • Remote Locations - allows for connection to offsite employees or remote offices.  
  • Find Me / Follow Me - permits the user to program rules on forwarding their phone on demand to another phone, cell phone, home phone, etc.
  • Software Integration - Since Asterisk is a software solution it can be programmed to integrate with other applications within your office.  Nexix has extensive experience with integrating Asterisk to other systems.