About Us

Nexix is a leading information technology solution, consulting and managed services provider with a focus on cutting edge technology and creative ideas.  The innovative tools and solutions we use are designed to provide big business functionality on affordable budgets.

We know that success in today's market is dependent upon having the right tools and programs to provide you with the most effective and efficient means for customer accessibility, and management of your company.  We help you accomplish this success by building upon your existing infrastructure with enhanced technology as well business processes that are appropriate and reflect best practices. Our goal is to maximize your success by implementing the right technology and business processes for your company.

Let Nexix be your Force Multiplier

Great organizations achieve sustainable growth because they are able to do what other organizations do not and that is effectively use the resources at hand be it employees, technology or intellectual property.

The concept of force multipliers originated in military science and best described as fulcrums that allow you to have an effect that is exponentially proportional to the amount of resources employed.  At Nexix we view our practice areas as force multipliers and an excellent paradigm for guiding how we approach technology, consulting and managed services on behalf of our clients.