NexixMedia Suite

With NexixMedia you have a system that controls user access to media which includes Video on Demand and live streaming server.

What separates NexixMedia from YouTube?

With NexixMedia you can limit your audience to your users, groups, and locations to ensure that all Media is secure.

Product Overview

This product has the ability to allow your users to upload video content and stream live video easily with the option to add security to ensure that the video or streams are protected from unauthorized viewing. The content ownership is kept with your organization. This allows organizations to keep a tight control of all media that is viewed within there organization. This also allows for the purchasing of licensed media as it can be limited and controlled based on the license agreement. Organizations also have the option to move their media from there Portfolios, Moodle instances, web sites to the NexixMedia server to allow one centralized location for all Media within that organization.

Technical Section

Nexix has created a product using Java and Flex that uses the power of the Wowza Streaming Media server to deliver Video on Demand and Streaming content to your audience. The back end application runs on Linux or Windows in a very stable environment. It can be scaled up to handle a large number of simultaneous connections. Nexix has build the core proprietary java components that hook into Wowza.

Key Points

  • Access control to all media and streams with secured users
  • Centrally managed storage and access to media
  • Media library easily accessible by all users
  • Tag descriptions for categorized media
  • Embeddable Video with attached security controls
  • Streaming Video on Demand for instant viewing
  • Proven video streaming technology from Wowza
  • LDAP integration for users and groups