Welcome to Nexix

In today's market, a company is dependent upon having the right tools and programs to provide your organization with the most effective and efficient means for customer accessibility and management of your company.

A great organization is one that can achieve sustainable growth, this can be achieved by an organization, that is able to effectively use the resources at hand. whether it be employees, technology or intellectual property.

Products supplied by Nexix include the NexixMedia suite, Asterisk Business Phone System, Rich Internet Applications, a user administrated professionally designed website, and Crystal Reports. All of these products can help your organization differentiate itself from other organizations.

With products like the NexixMedia Suite, you have a system that controls users access to media which includes Video on demand and live streaming server.

The Asterisk business phone system offers a phone system that is able to grow with your business and can integrate with your business software.

A rich internet application developed specifically for your company can help our organization deal with your customers or staff and provide an experience that is much more rewarding and productive.

While your Nexix designed website provides your organization with a website, a internet based extension of your company, with a professional look that is unique to your organization and yet easily controlled and kept up to date within your organization itself.